Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Music, harmony, and the activation of life

Is music the voice of man's consciousness as some have suggested? It seems to me that music is more the voice of man's emotions and instincts which consciousness follows but does not lead. Consciousness is activated by things other than itself, by instincts and emotions that required, or developed, the evolution of consciousness as an aid to successful survival and reproduction.

I think that the most sacred music would originate in the deepest activation's of life, that is, in the activation within life of the Spirit-Will-To Godhood, which essentially defines life as evolving toward Godhood, the most “successful” stage of life. Consciousness and human culture derive from this basic activation of life, which essentially defines “life.”

How would sacred music sound? Like the activation of life itself it would exist within the natural material world. The connection with nature suggests the harmony and order of nature itself, the consonance and dissonance of nature defined as vibrating in proportional harmony.

This natural music is unlike modern atonal “music,” which has cut the connection between realistic nature and art. Modern philosophy has done this too, favoring words, notations, intellectual concepts over the reality of living objects. Government deficit financing has also done this, cutting the connection between goods and money---that is, the con-game of money backed by nothing.

But this reflection on music is not anti-intellectual, it is anti-non-life, it is contrary to having our identity rooted fundamentally in non-living bookish definitions and pedantic conceptions in art. It is pro-reality in art, religion and philosophy.

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