Saturday, August 15, 2015

What are Donald Trump's motives?

Trump sometimes sounds like Pat Buchanan with his economic nationalism and his immigration policies. But he does not sound like Buchanan when he wants to continue American meddling in the middle east on behalf of Israel. Then there is that bit of conspiracy that Trump is out to help Hillary win by eventually changing to a third party and destroying Republican votes---that is, he really does not care which side wins since he advances himself by giving money to both sides. One thing is clear regarding Trump, it is cathartic to see someone who is not afraid to face the dragons for being politically incorrect.

Here's what I guess are Trump's motives, in the following order:
  1. Trump wants to advance himself. 2. He wants to advance Jewish causes. 3. He resents the elite and wants to destroy their global corporations. 4. He wants to support and strengthen America because America made him and his friends rich.

    Realism in politics is not always pretty. So the question is, would those of us who generally approve of Pat Buchanan's political philosophy be making a deal with Beelzebub to support Trump?  It's not yet clear to me.

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