Friday, September 12, 2014

The Forms As Supermaterial

We think in language, but then we literally make a God out of language.

Augustine said the changeless Forms were in the mind of God, but those Forms are language definitions, abstractions, which do not define material or supermaterial real objects, since God and the Forms are defined by Augustine as non-material and spiritual.

Naturalism, materialism, science are religiously thought of as leading to dead ends by traditional religion who see God as transcending nature and human beings.

But when Godhood is seen as material, or more precisely as supermaterial, then the Forms take on a different perspective.

The “ego” is not Being or God either, as Nietzsche and his postmodern followers tend to think. And the Inward God or the Father Within is also not God, it is the symbolic experience of God, experienced when all the material desires are blocked or unattached from.

Real Godhood is reached at the zenith of material/supermaterial evolution, which is also the zenith of success in survival and reproduction. Godhood is what we evolve to, we evolve from the Primal Material.

We need to bring our language and Forms and Gods back (if they ever were here) to real objects evolved in the world from the material to the supermaterial. This is the sacred goal to ground our groundless modern world.  We can, and should, with the Twofold Path, retain the old Gods, which were mainly the symbolic Inward God, and our first glimpse or impression of real supermaterial Godhood reached by evolution.

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