Thursday, September 25, 2014

Science as well as faith is needed in the general direction of evolution toward Godhood

Religion and science can bring Godhood out of the airy abstractions of religion and philosophy, and back to nature, when it is seen that man evolves to Godhood in nature. Human life is in need of this totality.

Old religion teaches Being, new religion teaches Becoming, and Becoming may be just as hard to define. We can see only imprecise patterns in evolution, with starts and stops along the way, toward higher consciousness and intelligence and refinement.

The internal world of the God or the Father Within has been estranged from the external world of the evolution of man to Godhood. This needs to be transcended without rejecting the first glimpses of the internal world, and this can be done in the Involutionary and Evolutionary Twofold Path. We don't negate the Inward Path we transform it in the Outward Path. The Twofold Path brings Godhood back, from being murdered in the modern world.

The estrangement of man from conscious material evolution and future material evolution also has estranged man from the social and group-selection of basic human nature. We have been dreamers of utopian dreams in religion but also in our social philosophies which were unrelated to real human nature. “Dissimulation increases in accordance with the rising order of rank among organic beings” (Nietzsche)

The more we learn of human nature the more ethnopluralism rises as a harmonious social configuration, and also as the best structure for creativity, variety and real evolution. Human beings remain kin-centered and local group-selecting, or ethnic selecting. We are all rising toward Godhood in evolution in our own distinct ways, and if we are civilized we can share knowledge without imperialism.

Liberal humanism and Marxism studied only nature and man in nature, seeing unknowable impractical abstractions beyond the study of man and nature. History has been the reality of man becoming man in nature, the next stage is attaining Godhood in nature. Science has acknowledged the first stage but not the second. Science as well as faith in the general direction of evolution toward Godhood is needed.

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