Monday, December 17, 2012

The art impulse and the sacred totality of religion

We don't need duality in the art world any more than we do in theology or philosophy. With evolution the incomprehensible infinite of the Romantic becomes the clarity of the Classical. Beauty becomes truth and truth beauty. This is the goal affirmed in the art philosophy of  Evolutionary Realism.

It is more than admiration for the infinite which causes our art passions to be exited, as Burke said (which Jung called the numinous mystery), it is more essentially the Spirit-Will-To Godhood, the zenith of the instincts, that excites our passions, which can be fulfilled only in our material-supermaterial evolution to Godhood. Here the infinite becomes clarity, beauty becomes truth. This is also how we counter Kant and say that reality can be known.

Certainly we are imperfect, as the Christians demand, but our evolution to Godhood can bring perfection, which means we should not permanently dwell on our imperfections seen only in the Involutionary Inward Path, it is in the Evolutionary Outward Path where we can reach perfection in Godhood.

There is a sacred totality here: we arrive at health by fusing self, society and Godhood with the Spirit-Will activating life to evolve to Godhood. Evolutionary therapy, art, political philosophy, the sciences, etc., can fuse in this mission. In this holistic view religion is the way out of the problems seen in these now separated areas. It is perhaps this religious perspective that is the “total art work” that we have been searching for in the West since the Ancient Greeks, which art can only affirm.

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