Thursday, December 06, 2012

Reconstructing the psychological and religious perspective in a new theology

The Spirit-Will is not like Carl Jung's extinct volcano ready to explode if it is ever awakened---that suggests the old mystic fear of the instincts. The Spirit-Will is the zenith of the instincts and it seeks divine Godhood by activating material life, which is then shaped by evolution. I have called the Spirit-Will the Super-Id.

Even though the usually unconscious Spirit-Will knows its goal it can use the help of the rational conscious mind, which means not so much controlling the Spirit-Will as harmonizing with it. Can the Spirit-Will reach its goal without the help of the conscious mind? This is doubtful. Evolving life activated by the Spirit-Will would take a far less direct and perhaps painful path without the aid of the conscious rational mind. But the conscious mind can also negatively create cultural and religious barriers, as it does today, to the evolution of life.

Does this suggest that we have to choose between feeling and thinking? The Spirit-Will is the zenith of the instincts perhaps relating to feelings, which seems to precede thinking, but the brain and thinking itself, the conscious mind, were evolved as part of the Spirit-Will activation of material life to evolve to Godhood. This can be thought of as bringing the lower and higher nervous systems in harmony, which creates sociobiological health. The Outward Path of evolution to Godhood can be defined as divine success in survival and reproduction in the cosmos, and this Godhood is symbolized or mirrored in the Inward Path to the Father-Within of traditional Christianity, and other religions.

The mode of thought for the ECC is theological materialism, or life activated by the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood and then shaped by evolution, which is the intellectual structure for culture in general.  Truth defines the evolving object, truth is not enough as being only a definition or proposition. Faith, trust, revelation and hypothesis relate to the Spirit-Will and to attaining Godhood, which makes this movement different from Cattell's noble "Beyondism," but other than that vital difference, the base of theological materialism is more or less philosophical naturalism.

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