Friday, December 07, 2012

Our tradition is separation and independence of the states and not secession

We have an historical and social basis for the separation of states and powers and for light federalism, so we can pursue or re-pursue this as the answer to our increasingly multicultural and multiethnic nation. We have seen in the middle-east and elsewhere that without a past history or social basis for a given system it is almost impossible to create a democratic republic. Light federalism with solidly independent states also harmonizes with what we have learned in modern times of human nature, with its preference for kin and group-bonding in special regions.

We need to have real independence and separation of the states and regions so that they can pursue their natural development, with the present big national government devolving back to being much smaller, with far less power. This was our history and we have moved away from it, which is now causing us many problems. To split the nation apart now with secession is not the answer for us historically or socially.

Social perfection is not yet possible given human nature, whether you believe this derives from original sin or from our lack of higher evolution. When America declared its independence from England it was more an evolutionary Burkian change than what happened with the radical French Revolution. The state had become totalitarian and we wanted our independence, we did not develop a whole new social system, we built on the Anglo-American tradition.

We need to settle our political squabbles in a practical way that works for the needs of the variety of people in our nation, and on earth. We have a larger religious mission of evolution to Godhood which needs a stable ordered evolution.

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