Saturday, December 01, 2012

Synthesizing the Gnosticism of religion with materialism

I define established Christianity as the Gnosticism of Jesus Christ theologically adapted to the world, because it could not work well in the world in that Gnosticism required blocking all material life and desires to reach God, which was the God Within, or the Father Within. Jesus was much like the mystics of all the great religions in his Gnosticism, although it might not always have been called Gnosticism. All the founders of all the religions sought to escape inwardly from the gross material world to the Soul Within.

Endless reams of theology and philosophy have attempted to parse and adapt the non-material strictures of Gnosticism, often unconsciously, but it does not change the foundation. Changing the “Bad World” of the Gnostics to the “Good World” has been the theological narrative of established religions.

The Gnostic “trickster” God is not God but is material life. The Gnostics did not “murder God” as the established religions claim, the Gnostics sought God inwardly, as the founders of all the religions did. Gnosticism erodes life on purpose! This has been the great dilemma of the theologians in defining God, man, religion and nature.

Some seek to blame our modern moral relativism and self-exaltation on the Gnostic rejection of classical morality (see William Gairdner, Modern Age, Fall 2011), but it is just the opposite. Modern moral relativism has been a flight from the impossible non-material ideals of Gnosticism inherent in religion, with little moral structure to replace them with.

Why is non-material religion so denied? Because life demands life! This clash has caused many people to become atheists.

The answer to the battle between Gnosticism and materialism is the Twofold Path in the philosophy of the Evolutionary Christian Church, where the Inward Path to the God Within is a mirror, a first glimpse of Godhood included in the Outward Path of material and super-material evolution, which leads to real Godhood.

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