Friday, October 30, 2009

Selfish Enlightenment

The Soul-Within Experiencing The Spirit

I must say, directly, how selfish, hedonistic and narcissistic is the Inward Path when it is pursued alone without the Outward Path. The goal of the Inward Traditions is to experience the Divine Within, which is precisely where the narcissism exists. This is not God, this is the Soul-Within experiencing the Spirit.

The words used to describe this enlightenment, such as “lasting happiness,” the “timeless now,” etc. describe a human experience of bliss, but it all stops there, like a heroin injection completed. Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly, who has experienced both psychedelic and meditation states of enlightenment, says “the states were identical, but one is biochemically induced and the other is discipline induced through holding the mind still.” (EnlightenNext Sept/Nov 2009)

Union with the Soul within seeing the Spirit is simply not God, and it is a great spiritual and mystic error to claim it is, which has led to the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolving to Godhood. We cannot stop at the bliss of this kind of enlightenment, it is a great spiritual trap. God can be reached only by evolving beyond the human species and beyond the experience of the union of the Soul and Spirit, we must evolve materially and biospiritually all the way to Godhood.

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