Monday, October 26, 2009

Religion, The Supremely Evolved Animal, And Nietzsche

Nietzsche developed the animality of the human being in philosophy (see this book). But in replacing God, Nietzsche advanced things only as far as the Superman. This was not far enough.

Theological materialism takes Nietzsche's biological base leading to his superman, and expands this to Godhood, thereby exhuming religion after Nietzsche tried to kill it. In defining God as the Supremely Evolved Object, or dare we say, the Supreme Evolved Animal whom we evolve to become, we bring God back. This means the animal, instincts, indeed, material life, are no longer evil, especially when material life evolves to the Highest Being: Godhood.

We see Nietzsche's “will to power” as a new but still partial understanding of the Spirit-Will-To Godhood, which we deepen and broaden, so in this sense Nietzsche, inadvertently, brought us a deeper definition of the Spirit, which needs to be included in Traditional Religion, which we do.

When Traditional Religion is seen as the Involutionary Inward Path and combined with the Evolutionary Outward Path, then there was no need to radically extirpate Traditional Religion as Nietzsche tried to do. Religion discovered the Soul within, and at least partially discovered the Spirit-Will, and this was the older beginning knowledge of God, which we can honor in Revitalized Conservatism, as long we include the vital, sacred, Evolutionary Upward Path of Ordered Evolution material to Godhood.

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