Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God Unseperated

Only God, the Real, knows the Real, and only God, the Truth, knows the Truth. This knowledge exists in the Mind of God, and defines God, but Truth alone is not God. God is a Supreme Body containing the Truth.

Some Traditions have separated God into Truth (the Father), the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Some have defined the Truth of the Father as free of the Body and as the Highest God. But God's Mind is not the whole of God any more than man's mind is the whole of man.

When it is seen that material evolution is not evil, and indeed, that evolution leads to Godhood, then the Great Spiritual Blockade of the body and of material evolution can be unblocked.

Truth and the Real need to take their place in the unseparated Mind of the Supreme Object God. And the way to reach God, Truth and the Real is through evolution. The Virtues of the evolutionary Christian Church can help lead the way.

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