Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Who is right, the supporters or the foes of Trump?

People on the left ask how the populist/nationalist supporters of Trump across the country and in the Bible Belt can support the often vulgar behavior of President Trump? It probably tells us that successful survival and reproduction means more to the people than anything else, as the cultural Marxists and global corporations are destroying American culture and American jobs, which Trump says he will stop from happening. The bonding rituals of religion originally helped people survive and reproduce but have been drifting away from that concern for many years.

Everyone leaks everything to the Big Media, which largely rules our culture.  Our national intelligence services are almost as propagandized as the rest of the Establishment in praising the imperial military-industrial-complex, which pays their salaries, although not all of them praise it. But like the rest of us they have become more cynical about law, order, and morality. And they may know more about Trump's past behavior then his followers do.

Who is right, the supporters or the foes of Trump? They are both right, but successful survival and reproduction trumps everything. The problem is knowing the best way to successfully survive in an imperfect world. As I wrote yesterday I believe real human nature naturally leads to the bio-cultural expression of regionalism, localism, and an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by some sort of federalism, which could be legally adapted to our constitutional separation of powers and states.

Given who we are and how cynical we have become about law, order, and morality, this appears to be the best way we can manage the often dangerous games we play in the midst of the often hidden survival and reproductive drives of competing groups.

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