Monday, September 28, 2015

The Great Spiritual Blockade of Reality

Intellectuals often overlook or even block their emotions. Some of this could be an element of the genetic qualities of our brains, we may have overcompensated in the evolution of our minds over our bodies.

This helped lead to misunderstandings and false ideas which we see in religion and philosophy, where two modes of being, the phenomenal world of the senses, and the world of spirit were wrongly contrasted, where ideas and the spiritual were given priority over the material world.

Reason is a tool of the body not meant to block the instincts and emotions, but meant to help us understand and help direct the instinctive brain, which is far older and in many respects wiser than the rational brain. This is one of the main tasks of religion, science, and the humanities, to harmonize in a natural and realistic way the mind and body.

Contrary to Plato and many other thinkers the unreal world of spiritual forms and ideas get their reality from the real material world. Ideas are only copies of material or supermaterial objects, not the other way around. Mathematical formulas and definitions are only half truths without being first represented by real objects. Even the forces in quantum science are not non-material or spiritual, they are the secondary effect of material things (electrical?) which help create the quantum forces, although we still need to discover more of what they are and how they work.

The one “faith,” the main abstraction, allowed in this perspective is the instinctive and rational projection of the evolution of the material world to supermaterial Godhood. But even here it is the phenomenal world we are speaking of since supermaterial Godhood is grounded in the real world defined as the zenith of material evolution. This is not the same as the God of dualism, and not the same as the idea-God defined as not existing in the world of material phenomenon. This false duality in religion and philosophy can be brought back to realty in the religious philosophy of theological materialism.

The revealed religions center on an Inward God not an Outward God. The Inward God is the mirror image of the Outward God (opposite Plato) which can exist as a supreme supermaterial living object, evolved to in nature. Both Paths are contained within the Twofold Path of theological materialism. The Spirit-Will and Godhood are not immaterial entities, as they are in Aristotle, Aquinas and even Darwin.

Mind concepts exist as computational constructions in the brain and are not independent of the brain. The mind is the brain, as naturalism suggests, but the mind includes, at its zenith, the Spirit-Will-to-Godhood, but this is supermaterial and not immaterial. The Soul-Mind is where the mirror image of the outside God exists, and the Spirit-Will activates Soul, mind and body as its vehicle to evolve to Godhood. The Spirit-Will carries on through or within material reproduction, propagation, natural selection and outside evolution, potentially all the way to Godhood, which is the sacred goal of life.

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