Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The zenith of success in evolution and religion

Existence over consciousness, object over definition, that is the basis for describing being (ontology) in theological materialism, that is the procedure for acquiring and defining knowledge (epistemology), and hopefully truth.

This does not mean that consciousness and definition are unimportant, it means the object is more important than the definition of the object.

We acquire knowledge not by reason alone, but by intuition, innate ideas, and however. The Age of Enlightenment, the age of reason in the 18th century was great, but it was great in the way a computer is great, computer reasoning is a tool and not the final arbitrator of all morality and the human condition.

Religion encountered error too much on the non-reason side, and science encountered error too much on the reason-side. We require both to find the truth.

Life developed intuition and reason to advance itself, not the other way around. But life did not develop these things only for the sake of successful survival and reproduction, important as they are. I believe it is the will to evolve to Godhood in nature that defines and activates the basis of existence, consciousness and causality---that is the zenith of success in evolution and religion.

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