Sunday, September 06, 2015

Saving the West

I understand that the moral and artistic world of the West depended on Christianity, but it was a Christianity infused or transformed by pagan philosophers like Plato and Aristotle through the work of great thinkers like Thomas Aquinas. The loss of Christianity, has taken place along with the loss of Western culture because the two are interconnected. Theological materialism is the next way of infusing and transforming Christianity (and even Eastern religions) to help save the West. Conservatism conserves by renewing traditional ways.

The wide expanse between the spiritual and the material which Aquinas and others tried to harmonize while retaining the basic duality, is finally closed in theological materialism. The duality which has continued between religion and science can also this way be closed. We evolve in the material world to the supermaterial world of Godhood by way of evolution in the Evolutionary Outward Path. Traditional religion saw or experienced God or the Father-Within internally in the Involutionary Inward Path only by ridding the body of all material desires. In theological materialism the Inward Path is transformed in the Outward Path by affirming material evolution toward supermaterial Godhood.

This transformation comes not as some modern physicists have attempted to save religion by turning the quantum world into the spiritual world, but by the opposite, by seeing the spiritual world as the supermaterial world. One day a new theory will reveal the deeper material reality behind the subatomic world. Quantum mechanics is a form of materialism yet to be defined. Some form of matter is all, even beneath energy and the quantum world. Perhaps this relationship of small to big can be better explained as some electric force working within materialism.

The material world need no longer be reluctantly affirmed, or rationalized, because the material world is evolving to the supermaterial world of Godhood. This sacred evolution requires real material political structures, such as ethnopluralism, which consciously affirms and saves distinctive ethnic cultures in protected ethnostates, in accord with real human nature, which remains ethnocentric and group-selecting, as we all evolve toward Godhood.  Western civilization can this way be saved.

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