Friday, September 11, 2015

How the Twofold Path Harmonizes Religion, Science, Evolution and Morality

When Ayn Rand has a character in one of her novels say that “thinking is man's only virtue” she cuts man off at the head, not unlike the way the ascetics (whom she hates) cut off the body and all material desires, but keep the head for experiencing the God or Father Within. In this way both reasoning science and feeling religion create incomplete humans.

I think that life created thinking as secondary to life and that life created thinking to advance itself, and for the same reason the desires of life were necessary for successful survival, reproduction and evolution. I believe ongoing evolution is man's primary activating drive and that the continued upward evolution of life is the essential, sacred, purpose or reason for successful survival and reproduction in the first place.

This means that which advances evolution is good and that which does not can be evil. The fact that evolution and devolution take place in the cosmos all the time does not mean that the two are relative regarding good and evil or that there can be no good and evil. Life does not have a legitimate choice in the matter---we deny reality, existence, and life itself if we say evolution and devolution are neither good or evil merely because they both always take place.

Human culture can reflect this activating drive of evolution and can be good or evil depending on whether we are evolving or devolving. When religion, philosophy or science deny or reject this primary activation of life and culture it may sever or terminate life, or can throw man into a goalless, meaningless, chaos. The most success in life, the most success in survival and in reproduction comes in reaching Godhood in evolution.

The Twofold Path in theological materialism harmonizes the mind and body, and religion and science, with the sacred goal of life evolving in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood. The traditional God or Father Within experienced in the Involutionary Inward Path is retained but transformed in the material evolution of real life to Godhood in the Evolutionary Outward Path.

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