Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From mono-racial to plural-racial

I am from time to time accused of being racist. This is mostly based on a time in the past when I mainly promoted Northern Europeans in my own quarterlies, and in writing for journals like “Instauration.” No doubt I occasionally criticized other races, although I always saw that all races had the right to promote themselves based on deep seated human nature, more recently affirmed by studies in sociobiology. In the past I affirmed what I now define as imperial racism, only one race, now I affirm the religious right of all races to evolve in their own way.

Liberalism has still not affirmed this aspect of human nature, they usually condemn racialism while exclusively promoting underclass races, or they escape the facts of human nature and promote only relativistic individualism. And racialists from all ethnic groups have for the most part not affirmed the right of all ethnic groups to promote themselves, they remain what I call mono-racialists or imperialistic-racialists. The question becomes, does preserving ones group mean that one needs to persecute other ethnic groups? In doing just that mono-racialism and imperialistic-racialism tend to favor nondemocratic forms of government.

Gradually I came to see---related to the growth of my religious philosophy---that coordinating and balancing the survival and evolutionary imperatives of different ethnic groups was the great task, and for this, a representative form of government, as seen in the original United States Constitution, giving great power to regions and states within a light federal union, works best. I reaffirmed what I call Revitalized-Conservatism, promoting both order and evolution.

I think this needed to be made clear now as the Evolutionary Christian Church begins to grow.

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