Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is important to know, but more important to be

When philosophers East and West say that nothing is as noble as the Truth, I reply that the Object defined by the truth is more noble than the truth. Ultimately Godhood the Supreme Object---not the Logos which defines Godhood in the Mind of God---is more noble than truth. The Body of God is the Truth of God, as the body of man is his truth, although man is still an evolving body not yet having attained perfection in evolution.

It is not the “invisible” truth but the tangible body that changes the truth as the body and mind evolve. The material Spirit Within is the closest thing we can know to the truth about Godhood, because it knows its destination, but even the Spirit is the Will to Godhood, therefore not having attained its destination. Wrestling with truth, although important, is like wrestling with shadows. It is important to know, but more important to be.

We will find the “real” not in truth but in the Object defined by the truth.

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