Friday, April 30, 2010

Life and Death in the Twofold Path

It is overdo time to speak plainly of these things. The state of Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven within, is, in subjective terms, the closest one can come to death. This is the goal of the Inward Path, which is seen in all the Revealed Religions, probably stemming from a Primordial Tradition.

Evola tells of the yogin virtually killing himself since the process subjectively leads to asphyxiation. The state of sushumna “lights the fires of death.” (The "Yoga of Power") To arrive at this state one has, among other things, transformed the power of sexual abstinence. This is the relatively short-term but difficult path to experiencing the Virtual Union of Godhood in the Inward Path.

Life is sought in the Outward Path. Here sexual reproduction of life, not abstinence, is followed, although sacred evolution and not profane evolution is sought. This is the long-term evolutionary path to the bliss of attaining Godhood at the zenith of evolution.

The Inward Path leads to Virtual Godhood, which is helpful in the Outward Path to Actual Godhood. This, in short, defines the Twofold Path in the Evolutionary Christian Church. Here the order of conservatism meets the evolution of change, the spiritual meets the material, religion meets science, the old meets the new.

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