Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After Empire Back To The Constitution

We are a Republic now only pro forma, not unlike the time of Augustas in the Roman Empire, which kept only the form of the Republic. The original Constitution of the United States is still here as something we can go back to, now that the American Empire is falling.

The Roman Empire first split into Western and Eastern zones. The Eastern zone was conquered by Islam in 1453 but it had already shrunk to one city, Byzantium. And the Western zone was conquered by Germans. So how will our empire devolve? Will we first split into larger zones of a Latino Southwest, White Middle West, etc.

Ongoing studies of human nature and political philosophy affirm that we all can live, and evolve, best in small virtually independent states, with a light federalism protecting our freedoms. This is what we always go back to after every empire. The Constitution of the United States fits well with what we have learned of human nature and history.

We seem to require the strength of a light national structure to protect against external and internal squabbles. But can this light federalism be compared to the Holy Roman Empire? The present Pope seems to like the American Constitution, however, our separation of church and state does not lead to a President who is also pontifex maximus.

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