Monday, April 05, 2010

Micro and Macro, Man and Godhood

All the elements in the Kosmos appear to be in the human body in microcosm, it has been said. When Godhood is attained in evolution, Godhood is the macrocosmic zenith of the elements seen in the human body. This would mean that Godhood has a Soul, Spirit and Body as we do, but these would be at their highest possible evolution. The problem with this symbolism comes when, as in many religions and ancient philosophies, it is thought that wisdom can be found within the human body to make one “omniscient.” This goal of the Involuntary Inward Path is confounded with Godhood.

We can contact the Soul in the Inward Path but this must not be mistaken for Godhood, no matter how blissful it is. We are required to evolve in the Outward Path to Godhood in material-spiritual evolution, and it is then that the Soul, Spirit and Body of Godhood is attained, which is vastly more advanced, and is omniscient, unlike the Soul and body of man.

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