Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Forms of Government, Evolution and the Church

If we take Plato at his word that it is not the form of government---Monarchy, Aristocracy or Democracy, it is that each form is “justly” administrated. But how do you define “justly administrated,” what is “exploitation” by the rulers, what defines the “common good,” what is “selfishness?”

The Evolutionary Christian Church believes that we are most importantly alive to evolve to Godhood. In this sense the common good is served when the government affirms or allows the evolution to Godhood of all people, all states, at varying rates of evolution. Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy, all can affirm the evolution of the citizenry to Godhood.

We like the Constitution of the United States, before it was selfishly exploited by rulers and lobbies, because it separates powers and gives as much freedom as possible to evolution, while retaining a light federalism for overall defense of freedom. But the Church, as defined by the Evolutionary Christian Church, has its own leadership, chosen by merit, to help guide our evolution to Godhood, no matter what form of government it finds itself dwelling in.

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