Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When the counter-media rises conscious evolution can advance

Nietzsche suggested in “On the Future of Our Educational Institutions” that the “deciding factor” for those selected is not merely the “degree of talent” but the degree of moral sublimity, the instinct towards heroism, toward sacrifice, with a positive need for culture, and a personal obedience to the discipline of genius. Talent alone without this need can even hinder not promote the procreation of genius.

How long will it take for these improvements to no longer be considered politically incorrect? Those who advocate these things continue to be shunned in their careers and in their lives. The cultural Marxism that is political correctness, which has largely taken over our colleges, universities and the media in general, will have to be countered. This is a big mission but there is no better mission for the future. New media, new institutions may have to be created to replace the schools and media if they can't be adapted. It may require the work of several generations.

The evolutionary religion of theological materialism can lead the way followed by the tools of sociobiology. This can be accomplished in democratic republics if a counter-media rises. Revolutions are to be avoided. Classical conservatives were right about constant change within an ordered evolution, and this can be advanced all the way to Godhood.

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