Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to do about mythology?

Old and new myths grew out of human nature and the needs of survival and reproduction in often harsh environments. If we connect mythology to sociobiology we can have a basis for comparison.

For example, Joseph Campbell complained about how the patriarchal myths of the Hebrews and Aryans subjugated the old Goddess myths, but it seems to me that human nature as defined by sociobiology was represented in both mythologies. In the Goddess myths differences in gender remained, men tended to be hunters and warriors, women were gatherers and nurturers, men were men, women were women, and so on, with few exceptions, not unlike the patriarchal mythologies. Particular environments and ethnic peculiarities determined the emphasis, balance, and differences in myth.

It is modern myths that conflict with both ancient mythology and sociobiology. In modern mythology who rules? The politically correct or culturally Marxist media rules. Who are the rebel heroes? Those who object to cultural Marxism. What represents the divine? The Big Bang? Technology? Who are the great goddesses and patriarchs? Billionaires and movie stars. Hedonism rules. Technology rules. Individualism rules. This will not do. Deeper myth-religion is required.

I say what will rise is evolutionary religion, which is philosophically and scientifically based in theological materialism. We are all evolving to Godhood in the cosmos, the God first seen inwardly by the great religions. This will do, and it need not much conflict with the old mythologies, old religions or sociobiology.

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