Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is this political progress?

Intelligent, inventive people invent, intelligent managers manage, then a free business climate develops work for the population producing the inventions of the creators, managed by the managers. This dynamic in America led to the highest living standard for its people in human history.

People being people, greed develops among some of the producers and managers, and the people suffer from being exploited by the greedy, who do such things as close local factories and move them out of the country, keeping the extra profits for themselves which came from destroying the jobs of the people.

In a democracy people are polled and vote. But this dynamic often seems like applying an ax rather than a scalpel to problems such as greed. The politicians, of course, exploit the feelings of the people using demagoguery. This is a weakness of democracy.  What bothers me is that the swings from left to right in our democracy often damage the intelligent inventive people and the intelligent managers who can be lost, and this ends up hurting society as a whole because society depends on these people for progress in jobs, inventions, and so on.

In the presidential primary elections the left is taking an ax to the productive class, and the right is propping up greedy and imperial members of the old productive class. The intelligent inventors and managers seem to be the losers, and this is the biggest mistake we are making. We need to above all protect and encourage the intelligent, inventive people, and the intelligent managers.

I think the middle ground of economic nationalism is the fairest way to balance these dynamics. But even Ron Paul wants very few checks on individual greed, which is a weakness of libertarianism. It is at the group level more than the individual level where the strongest selection takes place, as E.O. Wilson has recently gone back to affirming, and it seems to me that this affirms the protections that come from economic nationalism, along with free enterprise and trading with the world.

There are no economic nationalists running for office, but there could be one day if trends continue.

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