Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diverse Human Evolution

Knowledge regarding the progress of voluntary Ordered Evolution for the human species is meant to be shared internationally with diverse people, while retaining that diversity which is good for evolution, and necessary for more harmonious survival.  Therefore, we must not be afraid to evolve for fear of evolution being labeled nepotism, privilege, or even racism---and I am aware of the devastation to careers that these charges can bring.

Cattell was right in defining “human rights” as needing to be able to distinguish between creative individuality and unethical, anti-social deviation. The idea of divine rights for either the state or the individual Cattell called “expensive nonsense.” Evolution is the divine path and evolution necessarily changes both states and individuals, but it is better accomplished in evolutionary rather than revolutionary ways, which affirms Ordered Evolution and Revitalized Conservatism.

The Order of the Outward Path is designed to research the progress of evolution toward Godhood in the cosmos, and is meant to be shared knowledge for diverse people living in many small states. An international voluntary guidance from religion and science is what the Outward Path to Godhood is all about.

Humans and human culture could stagnant and perhaps even die for lack of this long term sacred evolutionary direction, and we might never progress toward Godhood, the goal of life.

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