Sunday, July 21, 2019

On the acceptance of whites becoming a minority by whites

Almost more astounding than the prediction that whites will be a minority in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand by 2050 is the lack of concern about it. Why?

It is mostly do to the Media and the schools constantly affirming this trend to make whites a minority, and by threatening anyone who objects to it with the charge of racism and all the social consequences of that label. 

But the seeming acceptance of whites becoming a minority by whites also has to do with the altruism of Northern ethnic groups, which was strongly genetically programmed into Northern Europeans and Northern Asians; altruistic behavior by an individual that looked like it may be disadvantages to the individual benefited others of its kind. This was especially important in the North for survival during and after the last Ice Age. But altruism stops being beneficial to ethnic groups in multicultural states and becomes more suicidal.

Also, none of us were taught in our schools or in the popular Media to know that as the people change the culture changes, so we have not fully realized that we will largely lose our culture too when whites become a minority.

Are these fatal flaws for whites? We will probably end up with the choice of saving ourselves and our cultures by separating into regionalism, localism, ethnostates, and an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected by some sort of federalism. An ethnopluralism of ethnostates or regions could be established legally in the United States with our constitutional separation of powers and states. It is probably that, or something like it, or the fading away of whites.

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