Friday, November 24, 2017

What's with these people still wanting to build corrupt empires?

It looks like a build up to war with Iran, pushed by the usual influence dealers in Washington, the Wall Street lobby, "neoconservatives," and the Israeli and Saudi lobbyists, who pay off and threaten corrupt government officials and representatives to get them to take actions that are completely against the interests of our nation.

It is basically America/Israel against Russia/Iran, with China sitting back watching the fools, but leaning toward Russia. President Trump seems to be falling for war with Iran even though he was elected by people who do not want these wars.

Russia wants to build another empire, not having learned from the collapse of their Soviet empire. And China of course is on its way to building the next big empire. America could lose this one and then lose its corrupt empire, like its British cousin lost their last global empire. What's with these people still wanting to build corrupt empires?

If they really wanted to, all of these people could develop an ethnopluralism of ethnostates in their home territories, protected by populist/nationalism. In the U.S.A. the constitutional separation of powers and states could be gradually adapted toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. which is directly harmonious with real kin-centered, gender defined, heterosexual, hierarchical, ethnocentric, and even xenophobic human nature.

This will come, it's in the historical wind, the question is when?

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