Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Samadhi, The Half-Known God

Samadhi, the Indian experience of Christ's, “I and the Father are one,” (John 10:30, as, “I am Brahman,” from the Upanishads) is described as a state where there is no distinction between subject and object. But this is the Half-Known God-Within of the Involutionary Inward Path. To attain true Godhood where the real loss of distinction between subject and object is attained, we must evolve all the way to Godhood through material and supermaterial evolution.

There has been a Great Spiritual Blockade of the Evolutionary Outward Path To Godhood by the advocates of the Inward Path, who have confounded the Half-Known God, which is the Holy Spirit Within, with the Real God attained through material and supermaterial evolution.

The claim is made by the Revealed Religions that all the suffering in the world has been caused by men thinking that they are separate from the Father, or Brahman, and that the solution is to to dwell continually in the Oneness of the Father, or Samadhi. Over the centuries this has turned into a great blockage and escape from the world. The Path to Godhood requires living in the world of material evolution, with all its suffering, victory and joy. The great task is to find the way for all men, all races, all states to evolve along their individual paths to Godhood.

Let us keep and experience the power of the Holy Spirit Within of the Father and Samadhi, in the Involutionary Inward Path, but we must not dwell there or think it is the solution to the world's problems. We require the Twofold Path, which includes the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Disagreeing with Kant

I think Kant was speaking of what I define as the Involutionary Inward Path when he defined metaphysics as giving a sense of wholeness, like logic, but that it was a delusory wholeness. I think the real “delusory” here happens when the denoting or naming of wholeness, or God, like logic or mathematics, becomes the thing of belief, or the thing in itself. I disagree with Kant that the God-Within and the God-Without of metaphysics cannot be known, and I think also that the God Within and the God Without are real but are supermaterial or epiphenomenal. However, the God Within has to be defined as Half-Known because the God Within, or the Spirit-Will-Within, is not Godhood.

The Godhood reached in the Evolutionary Outward Path is a Real and the Supreme Object, or Objects, and not delusory, and here God In Itself is also supermaterial or epiphenomenal and can be reached by way of material and supermaterial evolution. This defines theological materialism. Kant might define both the Inward and Outward Path goals as necessarily delusory, but since we do not know God fully until we evolve to Godhood, this does seem to define a form of idealism.

The knower becomes the known when Godhood is reached, but not when the God Within is known, or more precisely, when the God Within is seen and Half Known. The God Within or the Half Known can be known outside of Western science (so far) through the methods of the mystics of the Inward Path of the Revealed Religions. What cannot be fully known by the subject is the Real Supreme Object Godhood, which requires that It/They be evolved to in the material and supermaterial world before It/They can be fully known, then the knower becomes the known as the Real Supreme Object.

A central “a priori” knowledge (prior to observation) exists in the Holy Spirit (the material Spirit-Will), or the Will to Godhood, which effects our knowledge of life, as well as effecting the direction of life. It is not really a “biased “ knowledge, the Spirit-Will just requires that we see some of its real world in a way that will best advance itself and us, since we are the vehicle of the Spirit-Will's advancement. It sees the Real World and it would not be able to successfully advance itself in evolution if it saw an unreal world. A bee or a bird sees its own version of the real world based on the same evolutionary needs, the world it sees is real but not the more complex world we see. I define the Soul as the Zenith of the Mind, and the Spirit-Will as The Zenith of the Soul.

This means we are determined---not biased---to see certain sections of the real world which are therefore not merely a delusory product of our phenomenal minds but are real. It is mind that essentially does this knowing however crude the mind may be. The greater the mind the greater the reality of the world is grasped.

Projecting this epistemology upward to when Godhood is attained at the Zenith of Evolution, Godhood would be able to see Complete Reality and not just these lower sections of reality as we see.

Theological materialism heals the division between faith and science because it heals the divisions between the spiritual and the material by defining the spiritual as supermaterial.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoring America

..."The United States and the welfare of its 300 million people cannot be restored unless the neocons, Wall Street, the corporations, and their servile slaves in Congress and the White House can be defeated...." "How Close Is America’s Demise?"
By Paul Craig Roberts

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Positive Evolution

The Voluntary Path To Godhood In Evolution

It should be understood clearly that although the goal of evolving to Godhood is the Divine Path in nature, following this Path is a voluntary act in the Theoevolutionary Church. Coercive means are prohibited. Private voluntary programs for positive evolution, practiced by individuals and groups is affirmed. The hope is always that social mores and religious knowledge will change so that people will see the importance of positive evolution.

The Revitalized Conservatism I advocate enhances this laissez-faire attitude toward positive evolution. Society should be left alone without government meddling so that the healthiest people rise naturally. Small is beautiful and variety is seen as the best environment for positive evolution. But at the same time the Theoevolutionary Church will help the less conscious, the less intelligent, the less refined, to evolve toward higher things, and this applies to all people, all races, all states.

Defining what improvements are desired has been called a pseudoscience because it has been seen as a cultural choice and therefore not determined by science. But sociobiology, the Human Genome Project, genetic engineering, prenatal testing, genetic counseling, in vitro fertilization etc. have brought science to positive evolution. Small differences in IQ at the group level can have very big effects at the social level. And the effects of diseases are almost always negative on society. Positive evolution can reduce much suffering in the world.

The research centers for sociobiological projects envisioned by Raymond Cattell can be modified to be included in the Order of the Outward Path of the Church, where each group, each race, each state can find counseling on the path to Godhood. And this would be separate from the state, as religion is in the United States.

It is important to see that this is not merely a controversial and heretical social plan, this is the Path to Godhood, the purpose of existence, which has been blocked even by religion up to this point. The God Within is not enough, although it is included in the Inward Path, and the Twofold Path, of the Theoevolutionary Church. We, or our descendants, must evolve to Godhood in the Kosmos, which is the Zenith of Evolution.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Advances?

In “The Birth of Tragedy” Nietzsche thought that the Will was goalless and irrational and that the only escape was through tragic art, where those who could, would be lifted above the horrors of existence when in the state of Dionysian ecstasy. This was the only way to redeem men from the irrational fate of the Will. Genius artists were needed in this drama to create the metaphysical art which could bring this release, and this was the central purpose to culture. These positions were later somewhat modified by Nietzsche but not the general ethos of this view.

This pessimistic view of life and art is countered in the Positive Theology of the Evolutionary Christian Church. Who advances? Who “escapes”? Those who see the evolutionary direction and goal of life can best avoid devolution and advance. Those who cannot, look forward to a life at the mercy of devolutionary forces and irrational living. The Will To Godhood, which is the Holy Spirit, knows Its goal but the path is not determined, and here is where human ingenuity, high rationalism, the genius of art, and most importantly religion, can aid in the stream of evolution to Godhood.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cooperative competition is not too poetic

People, races or states who seek true Godhood are not the superior people, race or state, they are the most virtuous people. Thinking in terms of superiority/inferior has brought imperial racism, and the belief that one race or state alone is noble or chosen. We are all evolving to Godhood and should be allowed to do so in separate states protected by a light federalism. This is the true meaning of “equality.”

Ecumenism is based on the principle that all the Revealed Religions were speaking of the same Involutionary Inward Path to the Kingdom of God within. Separation and variety is based on the Evolutionary Outward Path of evolution to Godhood, the God first glimpsed in the Inward Path. This is the Twofold Path. Let us have a world of “cooperative competition” (Cattell's term) in a world of groups. Anything less (or more) may not survive.

Is this cooperative competition too “poetic?” Some philosophers (German idealists) believed that only poetry could heal the divide between religion and science. But when the Holy Spirit is seen as supermaterial or epiphenomenal and as the Will To Godhood, activating material life to evolve to Godhood, then religion can be related to institutional arrangements. the Evolutionary Christian Church brings poetry and religion both down to earth and connected to heaven. Poetry and politics can then affirm this religion.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Will Is Not Irrational

The Will is not irrational, as Schopenhauer and Nietzsche saw it, it is highly rational, and I see it as a Godly kind of superrational that is difficult for humans to grasp. The Will may look uncaring to human suffering, but it's goal is to activate life to evolve all the way to Godhood, and in this supreme goal there can be starts and stops and backward going.

It is not the universal sexual urge of Schopenhauer, or the will to power as Nietzsche saw it, it is a universal Will to Godhood, which is the Spirit-Will, and it is material. Nietzsche thought that the concept of the Dionysian-will began way back with Empedocles in Ancient Greece, but this Will is not Dionysian, this Will harmonizes with Traditional Religion and science in the Evolutionary  Church, as we define the Will as a holy Spirit-Will, the activating force of material evolution to Godhood.

The ethical task is to affirm this Will to Godhood, this goal of Godhood, and to oppose devolution. There is freedom in the sense that the goal is determined but the path is undetermined, we are somewhat free to chose among various paths, some of which may be devolutionary. This defines  a theological determinism more than a historical determinism. We can work in harmony with, or in the stream of evolution, which is teleological, evolving toward higher consciousness, intelligence and refined complexity, and eventually to the Absolutes of these things, which is Godhood.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What remains with the gods destroyed?

Science alone is barren, so far it has not proven to be metaphysical enough. Art? Wagner's answer of intoxicating music dramas was not workable for the modern world, even if something like them worked well for the Greeks (and Greek dramas were religion to the Greeks). Nietzsche and Freud left us with power and sex impulses but no Gods. Philosophy? It seems lost down the rabbit hole of phenomenology. Psychology? Jung could only affirm a deep symbol of God. Sociobiology? Too earth-centered.

I think the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) rises above science, art, psychology and philosophy and can return the gods to us, with the Involutionary Inward Path to the Kingdom of God within of Tradition, and the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood of evolution and science. Inquiry into the truth requires both religion and science. With the Twofold Path it is the Outward Path that will save the Inward Path. In ECC the spiritual is seen as supermaterial and epiphenomenal and so the duality is broken between religion and science.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What We Can Know

As humans, all knowledge is partial, but more knowledge than scientific knowledge is possible, although total apprehension of reality is not possible until we evolve to Godhood.

Mystics in the Revealed Religions believe they have apprehended total knowledge when they see the Kingdom of God Within, but this has been a metaphysical error leading to the Great Spiritual Blockade of material evolution to Godhood. The material vehicle of evolution to Godhood has even been defined as evil. Reality is claimed only when reality is blocked.

Yet, in its proper place, in the Involutionary Inward Path, the God-Within is valid as the Soul, the Zenith of the Mind. It is necessary to block material sense-knowledge to apprehend the Soul, but this also blocks the deeper knowledge of the Will To Godhood, or the Spirit-Will, at the Zenith of the Soul.

Both the Path of the Soul (Inward—Catholicism, Hinduism etc.) and the Path of the Spirit (Outward evolution ) are contained in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church. We can still accept all three sources of knowledge: sense perception, reason and revelation. We have not thrown out revelation (or scriptural tradition) or Godhood, as science has mainly done, we have repaired the definitions of Soul, Spirit and Godhood.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not Merely Superman

Nietzsche affirmed the animality, or the biology of the human being in philosophy, after religion and philosophy had tried to kill it. But in replacing God, Nietzsche advanced things only as far as the superman. The Evolutionary Christian Church affirms Nietzsche's biological base but we reintroduce God again. In defining Godhood as the Supremely Evolved Object which we evolve to, activated by the Will To Godhood, or the Spirit-Will, we bring God back after Nietzsche tried to kill God. Material life is the vehicle by which we evolve to supermaterial Godhood, and not merely the superman. This is seen as the same God glimpsed internally in the Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ordered Evolution Is Not Apollo-Dionysus

I would not try to balance order and evolution as perhaps early Nietzsche tried to do with Apollo/Dionysus. Evolution dominates order, but it is not Dionysian evolution which does not appear to have a destination, with only endless flux toward goalless power. Evolution is the tiger and order rides the tiger; there is not a balance here, there is a determined goal to evolve to higher forms and eventually to Godhood, with an undetermined path.

Ordered Evolution can this way bring Tradition along with evolution. Evolution alone, like Dionysus alone, tends to bring radical change without order. Human nature has been more successful with the slower changes of Revitalized Conservatism, and in this way can shape or order evolution toward the natural goal of Godhood, without destroying everything in the process.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Political correctness in evolutionary spirituality

The latest trend called “evolutionary spirituality” says that evolution will nolonger be primarily physical in nature but rather will be noetic—a transformation or mutation of consciousness, (for example, Enlightennext ) This is wishful thinking on the religious level, this is political correctness in religion.

And furthermore it is a misunderstanding of enlightenment, or the Kingdom of God Within, which requires a dying of the desires of material evolution, and really an end to “rebirths.”

We leave biological evolution out of the religious view of evolution at the risk of not evolving to Godhood. I understand that the worthy hope is to blunt the social Darwinist side of evolution, but this is selling mankind short.

We are capable of separate development, and even competitive development, with decentralization and light federalism, and evolutionary spiritualists could be applying their insights to helping every group and every state evolve in the best way possible for their particular stage of evolution. This would be true cooperation and not contrary to the direction of millions of years of past evolution. The Evolutionary Christian Church certainly is applying this perspective.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Distortions In Knowledge Of God

The God seen in the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path is necessarily a distorted view of God precisely because in order to see this God the passions and materiality need to be rejected and extirpated, or torn up by the roots. The Way of seeing this version of God therefore becomes vital.

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) takes the position that what is being seen in the Involutionary Inward Path when the passions are extirpated is the Soul or more deeply the Spirit, and this is defined as the Kingdom of God. What is missed in this definition of the Spirit is the evolutionary, material and supermaterial, Will to Godhood of the Spirit, and it is missed because the passions and the Will are left out of this view of knowledge.

To attain Godhood, the real God, the passions and the Will To Godhood must be brought back and applied in an Ordered Evolution to Godhood, not extirpated, so that we may evolve from the material to the supermaterial and on to Godhood.

This means that as humans we cannot attain pure objective knowledge of God (contrary to many religious traditions) and that God's completeness will remain incomprehensible to us until we evolve to Godhood. Meanwhile we can gain knowledge in as many forms as we can, as we evolve.

ECC does not reject the insights of the Traditional Involutionary Inward Path of the Revealed Religions, which is really the view of the Spirit, this in included in the Twofold Path as Tradition. But the Evolutionary Outward Path is required to attain Godhood.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Object, Subject and Truth

Philosophers have haggled about the subjective experience of an object to the point where they lose sight of the object. Can we soon climb out of this rabbit hole of phenomenology?

The subject is the object, the subject is not alone the subjective phenomenon of the object.

Godhood exists as other objects exist but at the unity and zenith of material evolution.

Higher consciousness, intelligence and material refinement can make the perception of objects more clear and more real, but we need further evolution if we wish to reach Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Intelligence and Supermaterial Refinement, which is Godhood, and even after that great attainment evolution continues unendingly.

We can improve our perception of objects with technology but also, and more importantly, with higher evolution.

Knowledge is the subject of the object and they should not be separated. “Experience” is the experience of the object by the subject. Therefore, one cannot base ones knowledge solely on “empirical experience,” we can only have a partial knowledge of the object, as humans.

Quantum physics validates this uncertainty by showing that at the subatomic level the observer is part of the observed reality and can thus change the measuring quality.

We cannot know all the truth, let alone the Absolute Truth of Godhood, until we evolve the kind of perceptions required to know the truth. Meanwhile we can derive the truth from whatever we can, in an operational way.

We can use the techniques of metaphysics to see the truth, and we can also use whatever “objective” rational data we can find. We can apply Karl Popper's “excess content,” where the second theory explains more than was predicted in the first theory.

We can also use Beauty as a destination of truth in design.

The Absolute Truth, Beauty and Goodness we all seek is ultimately a living object, the Supreme Object, Godhood, and not a definition of the object or the subject; have we not spent enough time on the phenomenon of the subject?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Down the rabbit hole of religion and philosophy

Does the apparatus, the brain, the senses with which we see the real object, matter more than the object, even if we see only part of the object or part of the phenomenon of the object?

I think we should assume the object our senses see or feel is real and then concentrate on how we can more clearly see the real object, rather than becoming trapped in the rabbit hole of phenomenology. Paying more attention to simple common sense, or inventing scientific instruments to extend our senses, seems to be a general way to see more clearly.

Definitions, words, numbers have become more important than the object in religion, philosophy and science. Going back to the living object means seeing the object as sacred, real, material and supermaterial, the zenith of which is Godhood, the Supreme Object.

One hint that we are in the rabbit hole is seen in over-complexity and incomprehensibility, no matter how learned or clever we are----it's a game of lost energy. If it's beautiful and simple and affirms other perspectives on it, we are probably on the right track to defining reality.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

How traditional religion defines the body

The following quote says much about how traditional religion feels about the body: “To identify oneself with the body and yet seek happiness is like attempting to cross a river on the back of an alligator.” (Sri Ramana Maharshi.) No matter how much brilliant rationalization has gone on by religious thinkers and philosophers who sought to salvage at least something of the body for the people, this quote shows the true attitude toward the body, shared by all the mystics of the Revealed Religions.

An alligator no less. This is why the Evolutionary Outward Path is so much needed in religion. The Spirit-Wiil-To-Godhood requires, I repeat, requires, the material and then supermaterial body to evolve to Godhood. If you seek only the Kingdom of God within, then you can follow this blocking-of-the-body, this spiritual blockade, as all the mystics told us to do. But if you want to reach the Godhood that the mystics  had this blissful glimpse of through the Involutionary Inward Path, then you require the Evolutionary Outward Path to Godhood.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Closing The Great Gaps

The distance between man's scientific achievements and the humanities, religious and political philosophy, has grown wider and wider. The Twofold Path of the Theoevolutionary Church attempts to close this gap.

The Involutionary Inward Path is the traditional path to the Kingdom of God within, and the Evolutionary Outward Path is the evolutionary path to the Godhood first seen in the Inward Path. The Outward Path applies science and any other knowledge, including knowledge from the Inward Path, to help mankind evolve from the material to the supermaterial and finally to Godhood.

Political philosophy can follow this evolutionary lead, making possible the evolution of all people, all races, all states through decentralization and light federalism, which protects the freedom to evolve, even in the face of competition.

It took many centuries for man to develop the philosophy of decentralization and decontrol over centralization and control, from the Vedas and Aristotle to the Founding Fathers of the United States, with the checks and balances on power in the Constitution, which created the highest standard of basic living in human history. In the absence of these religious and political principles, evolution will certainly continue, but selfish imperialism and brute force become likely, which can lead to the destruction of evolution.

The arts too can follow this direction affirming the sacred direction of evolution with moral creativity.

The fundamental religious principle of the evolution to Godhood guides these concrete considerations. But principles alone do not move history unless they are aligned with the reality of evolution, or to be more precise, in harmony with the teleological evolution of life to Godhood, which is defined in the theological materialism of the Theoevolutionary Church.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Will To Godhood And Teleology

Some who see all of nature struggling to survive and reproduce successfully so that they may be represented in the future, also see the Spirit-Will To Godhood. But this is a teleological pattern that science has not affirmed. The Spirit-Will or Evolution Drive does more than vibrate as energy within material life and particles, it actives life to evolve to Godhood. This is the origin of teleology, the origin of design in nature. The evolutionary path to the goal of Godhood is undetermined but the goal is determined, and the goal resides there in the Spirit-Will within.

I like the argument from degree of Aquinas: things move toward something that has all the greatest properties of its kind to the maximum degree. And so the evolution of life seeks to survive and reproduce successfully, and the most successful degree of this process is to be eternally represented, which defines Godhood. The Will to Godhood is driven by this great need to be eternally represented, and material life and evolution are its vehicle to this goal. And so are we.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Twofold Path: Examining And Being Absorbed In The Goal Also Requires Seeking The Goal

The Involutionary Inward Path seeks to examine and be absorbed in the vibrating energy of the Spirit-Will (also called the Will To Godhood, the Evolution-Drive, the Activating Spirit), which activates material evolution and our bodies. This is the main activity of the Evolutionary Outward Path, as affirmed in the Evolutionary Christian Church. This is not the central concern of the Revealed Religions which define the Kingdom of God, nirvana etc. applying the Involutionary Inward Path.

But this examining and being absorbed in the Holy Spirit or the God Within is not enough, it is a mirroring or a spark of Godhood, it is not Godhood. The Evolutionary Outward Path seeks not only to examine and or be absorbed in the Evolution Drive or the Spirit-Will, it seeks the goal, the Supreme Goal, of the the Holy Spirit, which is Godhood, reached or attained through material and supermaterial evolution.

This is the Twofold Path made clearer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evolution And Enlightenment In Religion

Traditional religious enlightenment, attained in the Involutionary Inward Path, usually means entrapment in bliss. The God-Within, or the Kingdom of God Within, is dazzling and most blissful, but it is not Godhood, it is the great reflection, the great spark of Godhood seen either in the Soul, or deeper in the Spirit. Enlightenment gives one a great blissful taste of what Godhood is like when Godhood is finally attained through material and supermaterial evolution.

The task of the Evolutionary Outward Path, which has been included with the Involutionary Inward Path, in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church, is to unblock this Great Spiritual Blockade to evolution, imposed by the well-meaning traditional advocates of the Kingdom of God Within. Seeing God Within should not turn into a great obsession. A good glass of wine at dinner can be beneficial, several bottles of wine at dinner can be damaging.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How We Think

When we learn the vocabulary or lexicon of a specialty or life style then we think with the words and patterns of that lexicon and life style.

If we learn an eccentric lexicon then we think with an eccentric pattern-lexicon way of thinking. If we learn a traditional lexicon then we think in a traditional-pattern of thinking.

What happens with thinking earlier in the brain, in the neurons etc, is of course related to thinking and to what we inherit as our human nature, but this happens before the established language which leads to thinking.

But before we think we first see an object with our senses, and then our minds, consciousness, and language build attributes and definitions regarding the objects from there.

Problems can come, philosophically and psychologically, when our minds begin to create ideas, definitions, that do not exist as objects.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bringing back religion

Science and reason destroyed the desire for union with God, in all religions, but that was mainly in relation to the Involutionary Inward Path, which sees God as non-material or entirely spiritual.

When natural evolution, which is mainly defined by science, is seen as taking the material and supermaterial world to Godhood then God enters the picture again. This is the good news of the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Together in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church this vision can bring back religion. This is vital because no culture or people rises or survives long without being based in religion.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Language and Religion

Words stand for material objects as well as supermaterial objects, it is that simple. Words tend to take on a life of their own, free of objects, and then words lose their meaning. When I say “back to the object” what I mean is back to words standing for real objects.

When modern thinkers see no God, than all the language of religion is defined as meaningless to them. From here they conclude that the whole class of religious language and thought is meaningless. But when we see epiphenomenal or supermaterial objects culminating in Godhood, the Supreme Object, or Objects, then there is meaning behind religious language.

It is not words or numbers or the order of words and numbers that govern the cosmos, it is the Objects that the words and numbers define which govern the cosmos.

Friday, August 06, 2010


I would define synchronicity as being almost an invisible force that operates when we are working or living in a pro-evolutionary way, which means moving in sync with the “stream” of evolution toward Godhood ultimately.

Most of us only occasionally join this stream of upward evolution in our actions or thoughts, so we have only occasional synchronicity experiences. Once we are in the stream of upward evolution we experience more continual synchronicity.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Economic Nationalism versus Economic Globalism

Laissez-faire capitalism is meant to work with economic nationalism, where there can be government intervention in the form of tariffs on foreign products to protect the nation's businesses, and to pay for the (much smaller) federal government which should be the only taxes allowed by the federal government.

Separation of state and economics does not mean open border destruction of the national economy, just as separation of church and state does not mean no religious relationship with the state. This is a self-serving argument of nation-less globalists who float around the world exploiting people, governments and businesses for their own benefit.

The sham of blaming business for the problems government causes, has now added another sham of blaming economic nationalism for the problems that economic globalism causes.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Philosophy and Religion Are About Both Becoming and Being

Even though Heidegger said “Philosophy is ontology,” philosophy and religion are about Becoming as much as they are about Being, or ontology.

Being is an Object or Objects. Evolution leads to advanced objects, or beings, leading up to the Most Advanced Objects, or Beings, of Godhood. This is a process of Becoming as well as of Being. But since Godhood Itself transforms and is also a process of Becoming even more advanced, endlessly. Being is, in this sense, more “temporary” (evolving) than Becoming, which is ongoing.

I affirm Theological Materialism, God is evolved to, in material and supermaterial evolution, and when Godhood is attained It transforms into higher Godhood. This is Becoming, which is a cycle of evolution to various Beings leading to the end-goal of all Becoming which is the Being/Becoming Godhood.

Philosophy and religion have essentially paid attention more to the definition of the object, or being, than the object or being itself. However, we must not pay attention only to the Being-object and overlook Becoming. The Becoming-Being cycle leads to Godhood—or Supreme Being.

Which is more important Becoming or Being? The goal of Becoming (activated by the material Spirit-Will) is Godhood, or the Supreme Objects therefore, Godhood is more important as the goal of it all. Godhood is also a Becoming since once attained Godhood transforms into higher Godhood. Therefore, philosophy and religion are about both Becoming and Being and not only about Being.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Billions of years of evolution

It took 20 million years to evolve mankind. Life has evolved for billions of years in the universe. Even when a species vanishes, others like them return.

What would beings be like who had evolved for billions of years? Here we can see the possible direction of evolution to Godhood.

This is the power of the Will to Godhood, or the Holy Spirit, which insists on Godhood as the goal of evolution, but the path to the goal seems undetermined, and here the Spirit works in conjunction with natural evolution.

Let us get in the stream of evolution to Godhood, which is our true destiny, or the destiny of our descendents.

Only if this pro-evolutionary perspective dominates religion and politics can we avoid the destruction of humanity and the environment, with anti-evolutionary behavior, modern weapons etc.