Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Philosophy and Religion Are About Both Becoming and Being

Even though Heidegger said “Philosophy is ontology,” philosophy and religion are about Becoming as much as they are about Being, or ontology.

Being is an Object or Objects. Evolution leads to advanced objects, or beings, leading up to the Most Advanced Objects, or Beings, of Godhood. This is a process of Becoming as well as of Being. But since Godhood Itself transforms and is also a process of Becoming even more advanced, endlessly. Being is, in this sense, more “temporary” (evolving) than Becoming, which is ongoing.

I affirm Theological Materialism, God is evolved to, in material and supermaterial evolution, and when Godhood is attained It transforms into higher Godhood. This is Becoming, which is a cycle of evolution to various Beings leading to the end-goal of all Becoming which is the Being/Becoming Godhood.

Philosophy and religion have essentially paid attention more to the definition of the object, or being, than the object or being itself. However, we must not pay attention only to the Being-object and overlook Becoming. The Becoming-Being cycle leads to Godhood—or Supreme Being.

Which is more important Becoming or Being? The goal of Becoming (activated by the material Spirit-Will) is Godhood, or the Supreme Objects therefore, Godhood is more important as the goal of it all. Godhood is also a Becoming since once attained Godhood transforms into higher Godhood. Therefore, philosophy and religion are about both Becoming and Being and not only about Being.

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