Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Will Is Not Irrational

The Will is not irrational, as Schopenhauer and Nietzsche saw it, it is highly rational, and I see it as a Godly kind of superrational that is difficult for humans to grasp. The Will may look uncaring to human suffering, but it's goal is to activate life to evolve all the way to Godhood, and in this supreme goal there can be starts and stops and backward going.

It is not the universal sexual urge of Schopenhauer, or the will to power as Nietzsche saw it, it is a universal Will to Godhood, which is the Spirit-Will, and it is material. Nietzsche thought that the concept of the Dionysian-will began way back with Empedocles in Ancient Greece, but this Will is not Dionysian, this Will harmonizes with Traditional Religion and science in the Evolutionary  Church, as we define the Will as a holy Spirit-Will, the activating force of material evolution to Godhood.

The ethical task is to affirm this Will to Godhood, this goal of Godhood, and to oppose devolution. There is freedom in the sense that the goal is determined but the path is undetermined, we are somewhat free to chose among various paths, some of which may be devolutionary. This defines  a theological determinism more than a historical determinism. We can work in harmony with, or in the stream of evolution, which is teleological, evolving toward higher consciousness, intelligence and refined complexity, and eventually to the Absolutes of these things, which is Godhood.

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