Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Object, Subject and Truth

Philosophers have haggled about the subjective experience of an object to the point where they lose sight of the object. Can we soon climb out of this rabbit hole of phenomenology?

The subject is the object, the subject is not alone the subjective phenomenon of the object.

Godhood exists as other objects exist but at the unity and zenith of material evolution.

Higher consciousness, intelligence and material refinement can make the perception of objects more clear and more real, but we need further evolution if we wish to reach Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Intelligence and Supermaterial Refinement, which is Godhood, and even after that great attainment evolution continues unendingly.

We can improve our perception of objects with technology but also, and more importantly, with higher evolution.

Knowledge is the subject of the object and they should not be separated. “Experience” is the experience of the object by the subject. Therefore, one cannot base ones knowledge solely on “empirical experience,” we can only have a partial knowledge of the object, as humans.

Quantum physics validates this uncertainty by showing that at the subatomic level the observer is part of the observed reality and can thus change the measuring quality.

We cannot know all the truth, let alone the Absolute Truth of Godhood, until we evolve the kind of perceptions required to know the truth. Meanwhile we can derive the truth from whatever we can, in an operational way.

We can use the techniques of metaphysics to see the truth, and we can also use whatever “objective” rational data we can find. We can apply Karl Popper's “excess content,” where the second theory explains more than was predicted in the first theory.

We can also use Beauty as a destination of truth in design.

The Absolute Truth, Beauty and Goodness we all seek is ultimately a living object, the Supreme Object, Godhood, and not a definition of the object or the subject; have we not spent enough time on the phenomenon of the subject?

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