Friday, August 13, 2010

The Will To Godhood And Teleology

Some who see all of nature struggling to survive and reproduce successfully so that they may be represented in the future, also see the Spirit-Will To Godhood. But this is a teleological pattern that science has not affirmed. The Spirit-Will or Evolution Drive does more than vibrate as energy within material life and particles, it actives life to evolve to Godhood. This is the origin of teleology, the origin of design in nature. The evolutionary path to the goal of Godhood is undetermined but the goal is determined, and the goal resides there in the Spirit-Will within.

I like the argument from degree of Aquinas: things move toward something that has all the greatest properties of its kind to the maximum degree. And so the evolution of life seeks to survive and reproduce successfully, and the most successful degree of this process is to be eternally represented, which defines Godhood. The Will to Godhood is driven by this great need to be eternally represented, and material life and evolution are its vehicle to this goal. And so are we.

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