Friday, June 04, 2010

What The Constitution Protects

Three forms of protection

The Constitution doesn't protect the poor by giving them things, it protects the poor by keeping all the lanes of opportunity open for the poor to become rich from their own creative efforts, and they are creative if you don't get in their way. But also voluntary charity has always been big in religion, where it is assumed that we will always need to give extra help to a bottom 20 percent or so.

The Constitution protects the rich by protecting their right to private property. We don't often hear that the top two and a half percent in America now pay more taxes than the bottom 97 percent.

And the Constitution protects both rich and poor with law and order to prevent bullying by the majority or by authoritarianism, or by foreign powers.

That is about it, the government is permitted by the Constitution to keep all lanes of opportunity open for all people. If either government or business, yes business, damage this freedom and opportunity they must be protected against.

As to partisan politics, disagreements are the alternative to a one-party dictatorship leading to tyranny.

Are these protections still in place? No, and the Constitution Party, Tea Party and the Paleoconservatives are correct in saying so.

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