Monday, June 14, 2010

How The West Receded and the East Advanced

The State capitalism of China and other nations is a form of national socialism, a version of fascism, where the government owns companies but uses the world markets to advance state power. State capitalism has been advancing as the so-called free market West declines, but state capitalism was bankrolled and supplied technology by the West.

The great recession in the West is related to emergence in the East, which was helped along and advanced through Western complicity. The Western financial class has more or less abandoned the West and invested in Eastern business and labor.

This is the virtually traitorous nature of Global finance. The various classes in America are disappearing and any reaction against their disappearance is considered “home court bias,” or racism. Soon the globalist's will have utterly destroyed the middle class and lowered the wages of the workers to the level of Chinese slave labor. Unless they are stopped.

How can they be stopped? A grass roots movement returning to the original United States Constitution, a conglomeration of leave-us-alone populists, grass roots gun owners, school choice and home schooling groups, the term limits movement, property rights groups, religious advocacy organizations, tax limitation groups, small business owners, and so on.

The federal government is supposed to be supported only, I repeat only, by tariffs on imports, the government is meant to grow no bigger than what tariffs on imports can afford. Power has to be returned back to the States, which have the power to tax their people as they see fit, and free enterprise is mainly between the states, and the central task of government is to protect these freedoms.

This is not revolution, this is Revitalized Conservatism, this is real America, and this is our hope for America.

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