Friday, June 11, 2010

Superrationality and man's qualified freedom

Is man free? Man is free to evolve, which is a qualified freedom. We are activated by the Spirit Within, which is the Will To Godhood, and it works in conjunction with evolution and natural selection. We can harmonize with this activation or we cannot. We often have choices in our actions but we are essentially activated by the Spirit-Will to evolve to Godhood, and our choices are qualified by this.

Is the Spirit or the Will to Godhood rational? The Spirit developed man's rationality out of its activation of life to survive, reproduce and evolve, and human reasoning helped this cause so it was selected as useful. The evolution to Godhood is an ordered evolution but the order is beyond man's reasoning to fully understand at this stage in our evolution.

This does not mean that the Spirit-Will is irrational, as Nietzsche and others suggested. The Spirit-Will is superrational and requires more intellectual intuition or superrationality to understand than human rationality at this time.

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