Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spirit and Matter As One

Just as energy can “freeze” into matter, and matter can unfreeze into energy, Spirit and Matter are of one essence and not dualistic.

This means you really can't define Spirit and Matter as good and evil, but you can define Matter as evolved and unevolved. God creates cosmic evolution where some evolve to Godhood and some do not evolve to Godhood.

Plato thought that matter was the passive principle, moved by the Spirit. Matter is activated by the Spirit, but God is not all Spirit. Godhood is the highest evolved Matter and Spirit together as One, defined (but only defined) as the Father.

A body is both enspirited matter and enmattered spirit, and priority is not given to Spirit in this definition.

Contrary to the Platonic and Gnostic perspective, evolution does not “imprison” the Spirit or life in matter. Life is the activation of the Spirit within matter to evolve in nature to Godhood. The Spirit does not “escape” matter even when it attains Godhood, Godhood is Spirit and Matter at their Supreme Goal together as Godhood, the goal of the Spirit's activation, which can be defined as Supreme Materiality and Supreme Spirituality combined.

Humans have contacted the Soul within man and have defined this as attaining the universality of Godhood. We emphasize that the Soul within is not God---blissful as it may be to contact the Soul--- deeper within, at the Zenith of the Soul, the Spirit is activating humans to evolve to the actual Supreme Object Godhood.

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