Friday, March 19, 2010

Toward A Healthy Future Social Structure

Applying The Twofold Path

At this time of the massive growth of secular government, and the fading of religion, I can see future church communities, religious institutions, which can be economic if they want to be, and even virtual ethnostates, before they blend into bigger states, having very light state governments. The church communities would be assisted by a sort of civil service of priests, scientists, businessmen, artists, etc. Then I see the church communities and states blended into a very light national federalism, which would retain the separation of church and state. I think this would not be far from what the Founders of the United States Constitution had in mind.

Now, added to this solid traditional foundation, which is mainly the Involutionary Inward Path, would be the Evolutionary Outward Path. The Outward Path would also be guided by the church. The divergent Outward Path affirms steady upward evolution to Godhood, and retains positive mutations, through the stability of conservative church communities and the convergent Inward Path. Stagnation, which erodes people and institutions, is countered by this evolutionary structure. But most importantly, through the Twofold Path the sacred religious goal of evolving to Godhood would cease to be blocked.

In the Eternal City of Rome you can find long layers of history preserved. The churches can encorporate the remains of ancient Rome, with columns from the ancient buildings. I see the Theoevolutionary Church as the next layer upon the Eternal City, incorporating and complementing the past as it moves into the future.

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