Friday, March 26, 2010

Involutionary consciousness is not evolution

The “involution” of consciousness is claimed as the next “evolutionary” step for our race by the proponents of “evolutionary spirituality.” They say we are “evolving” from the individual self to a higher “Authentic Self” of the “collective.” But this is involution not evolution. This is not progress this is staying in the same place, or even devolution.

Our consciousness only truly evolves when we materially evolve, and we need to evolve way beyond human consciousness and beyond the human collective consciousness. Evolution to Godhood means material evolution to Godhood and our consciousness must evolve as we materially evolve from humans to superhumans to Gods to Godhood.

Is there a fear among the evolutionary spiritualists in facing the facts of material evolution as the ground of religion? And are they exploiting the popular gap between religion and evolution? These people are making a good living giving their seminars, retreats, etc.

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