Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jung was more right than the yogis but...

Contrary to Carl Jung, religion does more than try to heal neurotic individuals torn by the division between the conscious and unconscious. But contrary to the yogis, yoga does not “overcome” human consciousness and the human condition.

Even so, Jung was more on the right track if he thought that the content of yoga operates on the plane of phenomenological psychology, or at least future psychology. The sages of yoga claim they do overcome the human phenomenological condition and are transformed beyond it.

We admit neither of these perspectives. Rather than to "absolutize the human unconscious" (an Evola phrase) as the source of God as Jung did, and unlike the yogis who claim that God has no real connection with the phenomenal world, we admit a real Godhood which can be attained at the zenith of material evolution, a Godhood beyond the human, and beyond the human unconscious—the yogis were right in that respect. What the unconscious of man can see, with discipline, is the Spirit Within the unconscious, which is both immanent and transcendent, but transcendent essentially only through evolutionary material reproduction.

Our God is a superphenomenal, supermaterial, evolutionary Godhood, which can only be attained through material and supermaterial reproduction in evolution, although we can catch glimpses of Godhood in union with the Spirit Within, which is the seed of God. This is contained in the Twofold Path of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

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