Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Thoughts On The Present And Future

Our government and business leaders have been dishonest and selfish, and our church leaders have been weak and immoral. Expanding American-made exports to the world was a good thing, involving ourselves intimately in the business and lives of other nations was a bad thing.

American popular culture is now decadent and inferior and the fact that the rest of the world is consuming our popular culture will make them decadent and inferior too.

A borderless world, which is the hope of modern intellectuals, has no relation to human nature, and human nature was formed 100 thousand years ago and remains unchanged today. This Utopian view has played into the hands of globalist business which has more or less raped and pillaged the world.

People were promised wonderful things in the “information age” but they have been made obsolete and their work is performed by machines or by people in third world nations who are payed almost nothing. People have increasingly had no choice but to begin to build underground economies, to develop home schooling and localism. State governments are trying to pick up the slack of a huge rotting federal government.

By 2050 whites will be a minority in the U.S. But the big changes are in the most populated states while many states will remain with a majority of whites, at least for now. As the ethnic group changes the culture changes, this is a common fact rarely admitted. And politicians have been caving in to who ever will get them elected. This will set up a white backlash, the opposite of what the liberals and socialists had in mind. Ethnic concerns will increase not decrease.

People no longer respect their corrupt leaders in government and in business. But the liberal solution of democratizing authority and ridding the world of elites (except for themselves) is cutting the guiding head off the body. Hierarchy is as natural and as old as human nature. When the elite changes the culture changes.

Genuinely new solutions to these problems are very rare and they take a long time to assimilate. Revitalizing our Revealed Religions is the path we have taken with the Evolutionary Christian Church. Churches are in worse shape than the government and business world. No civilization has ever risen without a foundation in religion, and empires have always fallen when the founding religion fell.

Joining the material to the spiritual world, synthesizing science and religion, uniting the Inward Path of the Spirit and the Outward Path of material evolution in the Twofold Path is our solution to the long blockade of religion, which clears the path to evolve to Godhood in the Kosmos. The Will to evolve to Godhood, or the Spirit, lives within all ethnic groups and will be encouraged.

Politically we will work with what we have. The United States Constitution, originally, was an excellent plan, affirming a variety of small states and localism, with a very light federalism. This is once again the counter-revolutionary wind of the future, for all states and all ethnic groups. If the Constitution had been followed and not corrupted, pillaging global business and tyrannical socialist-fascist government would not have been permitted.

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