Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evolution can be “democratizable”

Thought for Thanksgiving

Using Evola's term, can evolution be “democratizable”? In the sense that all people, all ethnic groups, all cultures are encouraged to evolve to Godhood, which is the meaning of life, we can answer in the affirmative, unlike Evola.

That there will be different levels of evolution, or hierarchies, is also true, but the Evolutionary Christian Church  (ECC) believes that all people need to be allowed or encouraged to evolve, indeed this is our unique mission, to aid all people in their desire to evolve to Godhood, which is the Ideal of the Instincts. The right to evolve can be transferred to all people, along with Beyondist knowledge on how we may evolve.

ECC will try to lesson the conflicts between people and religions with the affirmation that all men contain the Supreme Substance, the Holy Spirit, which is the Will to Godhood working through material evolution, with much variety in the Kosmos, as all life seeks to evolve to Godhood.

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