Monday, February 23, 2015

Valuing ethnic and national differences more than world markets

One doesn't want to destroy world trade, but one also doesn't want to destroy the uniqueness and exclusiveness of separate nations and small states, which world markets and globalism have in fact done. It's a matter of valuing differences in cultures and states more than world markets---global markets usually make a few capitalists very rich and everyone else less rich, while destroying variety and natural differences, as well as damaging religion, morality, politics---even science is subsumed.

For 40 years, U.S. workers have seen factories close, jobs disappear and company towns become ghost towns, the "creative destruction" of Joe Schumpeter's felicitous phrase. Only the wholesale destruction was no accident, it was planned.” (Pat Buchanan). This is why the protection of tariffs on foreign products is one of the few places (national defense is another) where government over-site can be good. What we need is a separation of powers where no section or group in the world or the nation can gain dominance over the others, which happens to be what the Founders of the United States had in mind by separating powers and states.

But successfully and harmoniously separating nations and states to protect differences does seem to require civilized people. At least real human nature is solidly on the side of preferring ones own kind, as the science of sociobiology has most recently reiterated. But politics in the West has been captured by nation-destroying-globalism, so changing this will of course be a challenge.

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