Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unifying the city of man and the city of God

The city of man and the city of God can be reconciled in the material and supermaterial evolution of material man to supermaterial Godhood. There is no real separation here, no real conflict, when material evolution is understood to continue to supermaterial Godhood---in theological materialism both man and Godhood are on the continuum of evolution.

The diversity of mankind and the universal goal of Godhood need not be a conflict if separation and variety are understood to enhance real evolution toward Godhood. Diversity and universalism can work in harmony with real human nature, which is in fact naturally ethnocentric and even xenophobic. The goal of diverse ethnic cultures and states is to evolve universally toward Godhood. Forms of federalism can protect the general evolutionary independence.

I know of no better way for mankind to realistically get along over the long term while retaining sacred religion and natural philosophy and science. Humans are capable of cooperative competition in this great and sacred adventure.

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