Friday, October 31, 2008

Rachel's Hip Wedding

A review of the film "Rachel Getting Married"

The director, actors, and screenplay were excellent, you could not have a hipper wedding than this, with the jazz-Indian-Caribbean-Black-Chinese music and food and the cool Connecticut mansion with the long green lawn and the dysfunctional family. No doubt many new brides and grooms will want to duplicate this hippest of weddings.

Here's the problem. You cannot replace the sacred with hipness, even with this high level of hipness. What could be hipper than a Black groom singing a Neil Young song to a White bride during a secular marriage ceremony? Yet all the problems, and they were numerous—the drug addiction, divorced parents, the general overall hedonism—were directly and precisely the consequence of the rejection and abandonment of the sacred.

The only way to correct this tragedy is to return to the sacred, but this seems virtually impossible in the present world. What science-minded person, what truly hip person would want to return to religion? Do we wait for the hipness to fade, do we wait for the culture to fall? This we know. The sacred will return. But will it return in the form of the traditional sacred?

Science-rejecting, evolution-rejecting religion will be reformed by a deeper sacred which includes science and religion. Then, at last, the Rachels of the world can have a sacred traditional wedding, in a traditional sacred church, with a sacred traditional family attending. There will be human troubles, of course, but religion knows how to handle all the problems that hipness creates. Nothing else can.

Nightmare States

Here are quotes from Pat Buchanan's latest Creators Syndicate column.

“...Is the old republic then dead and gone, in the irretrievable past? Are we engaged in an argument settled before we were born?

In his 1938 essay "The Revolution Was," Garet Garrett wrote:
"There are those who think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of the Depression, singing songs to freedom."

Nevertheless, there is a difference not just of degree but of kind between unemployment compensation for jobless workers, welfare for destitute families, and confiscating the income of taxpayers who earned it — to hand out to chronic tax consumers who did not.

This last is the socialism Winston Churchill called "the philosophy of envy and gospel of greed." And it is this suggestion of socialist ideology in Obama's words that has produced the belated pause by a nation that seemed to be moving into his camp. What did Barack say in 2001?

He spoke of the inadequacy of the courts as institutions to bring about "redistributive change" in society, of the "tragedy" of the civil rights movement in losing sight of the "political and organizing activities on the ground that are able to bring about the coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change."

Normal people don't talk like that. Socialists do.

This is ideology speaking. This is the redistributionist drivel one hears from cosseted college radicals and the "Marxist professors" Obama says in his memoir he sought out at the university. It is the language of social parasites like William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Father Pfleger.

Enforced egalitarianism entails the death of excellence. For it seizes the rewards that excellence earns and turns them over to politicians and bureaucrats for distribution to the mediocrities upon whose votes they depend. One need not be Ayn Rand to see that Barack has picked up from past associates utopian notions that have ever produced nightmare states.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I am voting for the Constitution Party

Obama no doubt absorbed the modern liberal ethos (read socialist) of the romantic 1960's at his mother's knee. Later the political philosophy of his grandparents, in any case, could not alter the modern liberal dominance of his education, which became more intensely socialist in college , law school and in organizing on the streets of Chicago, where Saul Alinsky's organizing philosophy prevailed, eg. join a church for the purpose of better organizing the people. No matter what his political rhetoric is disguising, Obama wants to use the state to institute equality of not only opportunity but equality of condition for everyone, and not only in America but in the world.

If McCain might once have believed that the state should not be used to legislate big social programs, the Neoconservatives have influenced him now to the degree that he promotes both military and big business global imperialism, even if he gives lip service to appointing conservative Supreme Court judges, or suggests more vague general freedom for Americans.

I am afraid that what may eventually happen in reaction to the coming pervasive state control of the Obama administration will be a fascists-like demand that the state be used, once again, to correct the abuses of the state under Obama, on behalf of those who have been virtually taxed and legislated out of existence. People always take the easiest path.

Since I don't approve of either socialist or fascist state power I choose to take the less easy path and support The Constitution Party, which historically and legally seeks to greatly limit state power, and give the people the most possible freedom and security. This seems to me to be both morally and scientifically the best path, given what we know of human nature.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Financial anticipation of an Obama presidency?

Here is a question I have not seen asked or answered: what percentage of the present financial fall is related to a negative anticipation of an Obama presidency?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting choices

The global Trotskyite lobby influences the Obama campaign, the global Neoconservative lobby influences the McCain campaign. In the long run the demographics of our nation will probably determine our destiny, and the fastest growing populations tend to be manipulated by the ideas of Trotsky or Marx rather than our Founding Fathers.

Will Pat Buchanan and the Paleos ever take back the Republican Party, or at least the Conservative wing? Meanwhile, The Constitutional Party seems to stand by the American Constitution.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The inner light parallels the outer light

Progress through spiritual inner states mirrors progress through outward material states. This seems to turn Plato upside down, saying that the material-out is equal to or surpassing the spiritual-in, but it is really not rejecting sacred evolution in nature.

Both the spiritual and material realms are vital, these need not be contradictory, in the same way that there can be both a geographical and symbolic homeland. One bolsters the other.

The inner light parallels the outer light. In deep meditation the individual can reach the place of the Soul's origin, which parallels the evolution to Godhood.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Involution and evolution for all races

We should be very clear, the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) is not racist, not anti-semitic, and not anti any race. People can be admonished for being anti-evolutionary. All people, all races need to evolve to Godhood. Our new religious order of renewal within Traditional Religion has included aspects of Cattell's evolutionary Beyondism within traditional involutionary Christianity and other world religions, which is not racist. We are helping to guide all people, all races, to Godhood, not only through the Traditional involutionary path of seeing the Soul within, but through the bio-spiritual path of evolving to God in the Kosmos. Equal access to evolution for all races is our calling.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Next Aristocracy

The Obama administration may soon establish itself as the next “aristocracy” in the hoodwinking noiseless revolution that Albert Nock described. In the past a gang of fierce men would force themselves on an unwilling people and establish a state. Now the people voluntarily surrender their own social power and freedom to the state, which they hope will then redistribute their wealth and social power better than they could themselves. The state never gives back what it takes, the state only very slowly rots away, as the Roman Empire did. Perhaps when it rots enough then we can reestablish the American Constitution.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Only Slight Adjustments Of The Same Politics

Once again McCain and Obama will merely modify the same established institution. We have long ago become conditioned to state power over the social power of the people, as Albert Nock and others pointed out many years ago, before and after the last depression. Neither candidate objected to the recent Coup d' Etat of the state over the banks because it was only more, much more, of the same.

Obama, with his socialist mentality, wants to use state power to exploit the wealthier classes in the name of the poorer classes, thinking the state—that is, he and his cronies—can help the poor best. McCain wants to channel more confiscated money to the global military he so loves. But since there is no money to confiscate, the political campaigns are a tragic joke.

I am buying none of it. We need to put power back in the hands of the people and greatly reduce the size of the greatly exploiting state. That is all. Is it too late? Are we headed toward multicultural civil wars and eventual splits into ethnostates? We hope we can return to the American Constitution.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Church, State and Specialization

The reason we are reevaluating the idea of the separation of church and state is that we think the Platonic and Gnostic virtual rejection of materialism in revealed religion—which we have called The Great Spiritual Blockade---is in error. We evolve materially to God Who we also see within in revealed religion, and we require and apply both the Inward and Outward Paths to Godhood in the Theoevolutionary Church.

We would more or less keep the separation of church and state. The revitalized church as an institution would remain a guide, including a sociobiological guide, to the state and the people in life, and in their advance to Godhood. Yet affirming the prudence of conservatism, and also being suspicious of the interference of the state, we would emphasize not so much the idea of separation of church and state as the idea of the separation of specialties. The statesmen or the military have different tasks than the priest. Yet a priest in an executive cabinet post as a secretary or minister of religion seems like a prudent addition to a secularized state, which need not take the priest out of his separate religious specialty.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

E. O. Wilson's Darwinian Ethics

This is "E. O. Wilson's Darwinian Ethics of Natural Law," from the blog "Darwinian Conservatism" by Larry Arnhart.

"..If we saw Wilson's biology of moral sentiments as part of the natural law tradition, we might see that much (if not all) of what Aquinas said about the natural inclinations supporting natural law would be confirmed by modern biological research. For example, we might conclude that the biological study of the social bonding between male and female and between parents and children provides a modern, scientific way of understanding what Aquinas identifies as the natural inclinations towards conjugal bonding and parental care. Aquinas's reasoning about marriage--that monogamy is completely natural, polygyny only partly natural, and polyandry completely unnatural--makes sense in the light of modern biological theories of human mating and parenting. Aquinas explained the natural inclinations by appealing to Aristotle's biological account of human nature compared to the natures of other animals. Wilson's biology of the moral sentiments continues in that same tradition of Aristotelian biological naturalism..."

The rest of the essay here.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Faith, Right and Law

Tension between the claims of order affirming evolution to God, and the freedom to evolve or not evolve, lean lightly on the side of order in evolving. Godhood's law, the laws of nature, intuition and faith say that we evolve to Godhood, the same Godhood that has been seen for ages from within the Soul. This is a natural right due to it being a natural law in harmony with the laws of nature, or Godhood's law. There is freedom but within a few naturally determined choices.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Economic Nationalism

American Federalism as defined in the American Constitution is as good as government can be; dividing power between national and state governments, safeguarding liberties, while securing national interest.

Economic Nationalism is constitutionally justified under the federalist principles of resisting external enemies (e.g. national defense), putting down domestic disorder, and securing commerce within the union (e.g. stopping outsourcing of jobs).

Economic Nationalism was the trade policy of Washington and Hamilton, Jefferson and Jackson. The American System consisted of high tariffs on foreign goods to support internal improvements. China and Japan, Europeans, Arabs and Russians, all economically protect their nations. We may also return to the establishment of a National Bank issuing credit from the government based on sound money, and not from private banks.

But when speaking of economic nationalism, we must not forget that our Constitution also said that Federalism gives the main part of internal affairs to state and local units. The national government has increased far beyond what the Constitution granted, however, we don't want to therefore go back to the Articles of Confederation giving the states sovereign power and the national government merely a diplomatic position.

Economic Nationalism would have prevented the present destruction of our economy, and we need to return to it.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Evolutionary Christian Church Combines East/South and West/North

Our Involutionary Inward Path can be compared to the East/South contemplative Brahmans, the Evolutionary Outward Path to the West/North active Kshatriyas. The West/North has tended to have more Kshatriyas but few Brahmans, as Rene Guenon, Julius Evola and others, have pointed out. These two social orders represent contemplation and action, traditionally, and their relationship in the East/West is as spiritual authority and temporal power. We balance these in the new religious order of the Evolutionary Christian Church.

The East/South has much to teach the West/North about contemplation and the West/North has much to teach the East/South about action. Contemplation is no longer superior to action in the ECC synthesis, since the Outward Path of Evolution to God is at least as important as the Inward Path of knowing God within.