Friday, November 22, 2019

The natural source of objective morality and where it takes us

We can have an objective morality that is impartial, nonpartisan, and even empirical, that is, based on verifiable observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic, if we base our morality on the real biological origin of social behavior, which is the oldest and deepest root of moral systems. As the father of sociobiology, E. O. Wilson, wrote, “human behavior. . .is the circuitous technique by which human genetic material has been and will be kept intact (eg. altruism). Morality has no other demonstrable ultimate function.” Wilson didn't include an ultimate and sacred evolution moving inevitably in a pattern---even though it has random elements, stagnation, and retreat---with the pattern having a discernible direction toward higher and higher more effective living forms, always evolving toward Godhood (from which religion can spring).

Objective morality needs to harmonize with the real human nature that developed out of the biological origin of social behavior, which has been objectively verified by the evolutionary sciences, and repeated here often, but rarely if ever repeated in our colleges, universities, or churches, and never mentioned, or made taboo, in the corrupt Media. Real human nature is basically and genetically kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual, marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, followed by individual selection.

That is the natural source of objective morality from which laws and culture develop, or should develop, which, for example, can objectively lead toward regionalism, localism, ethnostates, and finally an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected from marauding imperialists, supremacists, and global money grubbers, by a light federalism.

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