Saturday, July 20, 2019

Entelechy will one day be acknowledged by both science and religion

I find the arguments that evolution is “non-purposive” and random as closed as the religious arguments denying evolution, information is lacking in both arguments.

Entelechy” is the hypothetical agency in some vitalist doctrines, not yet demonstrable by normal scientific methods, which is considered an inherent regulating and directing force in the development and functioning of an organism. I see the concept as the inward activating material force of “Tirips,” which activates material life inwardly to evolve toward the zenith of success in survival and reproduction and toward supermaterial Godhood, while working within the outside ups and downs of natural evolution.

Tirips essentially defines "life" itself, the material activation within life, within every cell of the body, demanding things like metabolism and reproduction. Why? Tirips essentially activates material life to be "life," which ultimately means to evolve in the material world, if possible all the way to the zenith of success in survival and reproduction, which means to ascending levels of Godhood, while working within the ups and downs of outside natural evolution.

I see evolution moving inevitably in a pattern, even though it has its random elements, and the pattern has a discernible direction, in spite of instances of stagnation and retreat, toward “higher and higher more effective living forms,”as Cattell put it. The goal of evolving to Godhood need not deprive us of either science or religion.

Defining Tirips as internally activating life toward evolving toward higher and higher forms and eventually to Godhood, shaped by natural outside evolution, may be a bit further than present science and religion want to go, but we can go there. I think such a drive and direction will one day be acknowledged by both science and religion.

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