Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Appropriating cultural appropriation

The left is stupid to open the cultural appropriation can of worms, blaming whites for culturally appropriating nonwhite cultures, such as going after a white high school girl for wearing a Chinese cheongsam to her high school prom; although it was stupid and even suicidal of whites to abandon their own culture in the first place, cheered on of course by the media and the schools.

White Western culture has been unrestrainedly appropriated and copied by every ethnic group in the world but whites have said nothing about it, probably for fear of opening that other can of worms called “racism.”

But if we think about it a little deeper we end up saying more power to the ethnic identity movement, it could help revive White Western culture which has been dying largely do to whites culturally appropriating nonwhite cultures. Whites can appropriate cultural appropriation.

We will probably end up with ethnostates in the long run, which is the best and perhaps only way to end the increasing ethnic squabbling in unworkable multicultural societies. Human nature remains biologically kin and ethnic-centered, and that is healthy and good.

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