Monday, August 07, 2017

No wonder the Alt-right became radical; behavioral genetics needs to be included in conservatism

One of the main reasons why the Alt-right emerged was do to the failure of conservatives to emphasize the heritable traits of the people who create our cultures, which then leads to politics. Conservatives will talk and write about how culture creates politics but they seem to have been cowed by the power of political correctness into not mentioning the biological origin of most of our social behavior. (See the recent essay "The Five Laws of Behavioral Genetics") The Alt-right was almost forced to go radical when they could have been accepted within conservatism.

Beneath culture and politics are the kin-centered people and their ethnic traits which are largely heritable traits---variety and mutations then play upon those traits---stereotypes turn out to be more accurate than inaccurate. To leave this vital genetic foundation out of conservatism is to cut the foundation out of human social action. No wonder the Alt-right became radical. They might not have gone radical if conservatives had been willing or able to see, and say, that real human nature naturally leads toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, which could be adapted just a bit in the U.S. from the constitutional separation of powers and states that already exists but is not much followed. That is my kind of conservatism, which I have called Deep-Conservatism. Conservatism contains too much wisdom to abandon, but behavioral genetics needs to be included in conservatism.

But then both radicals and conservatives will need to go deeper to adapt and include the sacred activation of life to evolve in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood. Empires are not sought, an ethnopluralism of protected and evolving ethnostates is sought. The anti-materialism and anti-evolution of Traditionalism, along with the spiritual seductions of Evola and Guenon, and now Dugin, need to be countered with the deep conservatism of evolutionary theological materialism.

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