Friday, July 28, 2017

What I like and don't like about Putin's Russia

I like Putin's nationalism, I don't like the imperialism that comes from his version of Traditionalism. I like his non-liberalism, his expelling non-governmental organization's (NGO's), his crackdown on gay rights organizations, and other of his conservative moves.

The fact that the global elite, the neoconservatives, and the decadent modern liberals don't like Putin make Putin a hero in the mold of our own Pat Buchanan, who would have been our president if we weren't so controlled by the global elite and the neoconservatives.

But Putin's version of traditionalism, which resembles Alexander Dugin's version of traditionalism (grounded in Evola and Guénon) leads to imperialism. And imperialism is the scourge of natural ethnostates and ethnopluralism, which is what human nature, history, and human culture prefer. When imperialism rises people and cultures fall.

The problem with traditionalism (and conservatism) is knowing what to keep and what to let go. Unlike Dugin's traditionalism, theological materialism affirms the Outward Path of material evolution toward real supermaterial Godhood, and retains but minimizes the Inward Path to the so-called God within.

The glaring and ongoing metaphysical error of Traditionalism is in barely acknowledging and even disparaging material evolution and the material science which can enhance our eventual evolution to real Godhood. We need to retain the best of the past, but the past should not kill the future.

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